Msawawa Funeral Directors


The close corporation
The business is registered as a close corporation in terms of the
close corporation act 69 of 1984, as amended.  Its registration
number is ck2006/036003/07.

Registered with the City Of Jo’burg Region D.

Environmental Health Services.

Mission statement:          
The corporation’s mission statement is:

To become a one of dominant players in the undertaking industry within the next five years by:


  • Building a good business with good corporate governance principle
  • Rendering the best service backed up by excellent customers service
A Certificate of Competence in terms of regulation relating to funeral undertakers Published in Government Notice R237 Dated 8 February 1985 (G.G. No: 9582).

Pursuant to the mission statement the success of the business will be based on the following:


  • Excellent funeral services
  • Quality products